Moving Image Studies

School of Film, Media, and Theatre – College of the Arts – Georgia State University

Handbooks and Forms


Masters Forms (in the order in which you’ll need them) 

*Note regarding research skill or foreign language requirement: Think about what skill/method you actually want to learn. A method or research skill course can be anything (taken in or outside the department) that teaches you some skill relevant to your thesis or longer-term creative plans, and it shouldn’t be solely content-based. This might be a creative writing course for a screenwriter, or an oral historiography course for a documentarian who needs to conduct good interviews, or maybe one’s thesis film is about basket weavers or a community using American Sign Language, and one needs a basket-weaving class or an ASL course in order to write about that perspective. You get the idea.

Taking a language can also fulfill this requirement. One can either take enough courses to pass a language exam, or one can actually fulfill this requirement with a single language course: a B or better in one of the Modern Language Dept’s reading classes will do it. French and Spanish are being offered in spring 2018. Seats probably go very quickly, so act fast. If you already know a language other than English (and other than your first language if that’s not English), just register for and pass the language test to fulfill the requirement.

Doctoral Student Forms

Miscellaneous Forms for Coursework and Registration

Plan of study tracking forms–track your progress toward the degree

Miscellaneous forms for Assistantships and Teaching

  • Library Proxy Form (GRAs only: have your Research Supervisor sign this, then submit to library’s circulation desk –– this allows you to check out materials for your Research Supervisor without those being charged against your own account)
  • Fair Use Checklist – check this before posting materials for classes you teach. It’s well worth reading all the material about fair use here.
  • Graduate Assistantship Application (or Renewal Application) –– to be updated soon

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